We help you say farewell.
Plan Funerals and End of Life Celebrations. Personalize your event.
Stay organized, and keep your peace of mind.

Write your will

You can write your own will in 6 easy steps!
It’s easy and free.

Write your last wishes

Let us help you organise your end of life celebration, so that it reflects the real you.

Why choose Live On?


The day someone passes away is the moment so much needs to be done, in so little time.

Let LIVE ON make things easy.


A funeral is often the last thing anyone has any practice with.

Let us bring you all the information you need, to make the right decisions.


All families want to honour their loved ones.

Have choices that make sure you get what you want.


Planning ahead is made easy with our FREE WILL and FREE LAST WISH BOOKLET, tools that are easy to use.

Be part of our growing community and help grieving families

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