About Us

At LIVE ON we realize how difficult it can be for those left behind. So many choices, and so little time.
Even when family members have left an indication of their last wishes, organizing the final goodbye can be heart wrenching.

That’s why we created LIVE ON.

To give you choices so that you can select what your want, instead of a one size fits all. To allow friends and family to participate by delegating responsibilities. And to provide oversight so that you can manage the many details that go into a thoughtful event.

Our aim is to provide you with options so that the act of organising the last goodbye, while very difficult, is made a little easier. You can choose from a host of venues, have a priest or a celebrant, and hire someone to help you or do it yourself.

The choices are yours to make.

As more and more people desire an approach that is a reflection of their uniqueness, LIVE ON is there to help them craft their moment.

And for those wanting to secure their Last Wishes we even have a section where you can record how you would like your final goodbye to be.

We hope to make a small difference by making it a bit easier. The loss of someone close is enough of a burden. Organising the last goodbye should not be.