Funeral items and flowers are classically used to decorate a tombstone. Elegant and refined, funeral items present themselves in different forms. Statues, vases or lanterns can be considered. Funeral items present a nice opportunity to pay tribute to a deceased and show appreciation for this person. This is why it is important to choose decorative […]

The use of fire in the form of torches and candles at funerals is as old a custom as funerals themselves. In many cultures, it unites the mourners, it is a symbol of commemoration and also a celebration of the life that remains. Ancient cultures lit fires around to body to keep away evil spirits. […]

When it comes to death, funerals and burials, sustainable options are considered by conscious nature lovers. It is a decision to act responsibly towards the environment in planning or arranging a funeral.   What’s a green funeral? A green funeral is a list of green choices and solutions. Taking an environmentally aware approach to funeral […]

Direct cremation, without embalming, without body viewing and without a coffin is now the choice of many. Reasons vary, the costs are significantly lower, but beyond that, some will consider direct cremation from a moral or religious standpoint. What is Direct Cremation? Many people may ask how a direct cremation service differs from a “traditional” […]

Flowers carry emotion and have forever occupied an important position in funeral ceremonies. Which perhaps brings you to wonder, which flowers should you choose to best honour the life and memory of a deceased loved one? There is no doubt that your florist can create a lovely floral arrangement. But, before he puts together random, […]