Everything you need to know about Direct Cremation

Direct cremation, without embalming, without body viewing and without a coffin is now the choice of many. Reasons vary, the costs are significantly lower, but beyond that, some will consider direct cremation from a moral or religious standpoint.

What is Direct Cremation?

Many people may ask how a direct cremation service differs from a “traditional” funeral service followed by a cremation. Direct cremation is an easy, immediate cremation service. It is a simple yet dignified way to prepare for the final disposition of the dead. The body is collected and directly transferred to where it will be cremated, either at a crematory or funeral home. The deceased is cremated without any service or procession beforehand. A memorial service can be held, if desired, following the cremation.

Why direct cremation?

Direct cremation is the least expensive disposition option. It allows avoiding the costly expenses involving death. The buying of a casket, the preparation of the body, the funeral service, and the extensive transportation come at a very steep price. The minimal services required by direct cremation lower all fees.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Cremation saves space. Generally, funeral urns are the vessel chosen to place the ashes. No need to specify that an urn is much smaller than a casket and can be kept practically anywhere. Usually, the urn or vessel chosen to keep the ashes will be kept at home or placed in an urn garden or plot for cremated remains at the cemetery. The options to store or disperse cremated remains are practically endless.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on location and the specific circumstances to every situation. The prices also vary between providers. Thus, always keep in mind to compare prices for equivalent services from more than one funeral provider. Funeral homes and cremation providers are generally willing to travel up to 30 km without additional charge. In most cases, you should expect to pay anywhere from 1,000$ to 3,300$ for direct cremation. Seems very steep, doesn’t it? Keep in mind that a “traditional” burial can start at around 5,000$ but can easily amount to 20,000$.

What is included

  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the crematory or funeral home
  • Filling of the necessary paperwork such as the authorization form, death certificate and cremation permit
  • The cremation itself
  • A crematory fee may or may not be included, it depends on the province. Be thorough and read the contract carefully to determine if the cost of cremation is included in the direct cremation package. If it is not, crematory fees typically range from $200-$400.
  • Ashes will usually be given to you in a plastic container.

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