Everything you should know about Green Funerals

When it comes to death, funerals and burials, sustainable options are considered by conscious nature lovers. It is a decision to act responsibly towards the environment in planning or arranging a funeral.  

What’s a green funeral?

A green funeral is a list of green choices and solutions. Taking an environmentally aware approach to funeral arrangements goes beyond using a biodegradable casket. Every aspect of planning can make a difference, including timing, location, floral tributes, and many more.


Embalming preserves human remains significantly delaying the natural process of decomposition. A variety of toxic chemicals are involved in the process of keeping the body intact as long as possible. Green funerals forego embalming for many reasons. Embalming produces waste from plastic chemical bottles as well as from the energy required for operating embalming equipment. Not to mention, that the embalmer is exposed to noxious chemicals.


The distance from home to the funeral itself and then visits to the grave or memorial location have an impact on the environment. To reduce your carbon footprint, make arrangements for carpooling from location to location during the funeral and for subsequent visits.


Generally, the body is kept refrigerated before the funeral. Thus, the longer the interval between death and the funeral, the more energy will be used to maintain the refrigerated environment.


Environmental caskets are made of unfinished wood or biodegradable cardboard. Prioritize locally made caskets with locally-sourced organic materials. The distance the casket or the materials have travelled should influence the type of container you choose. Another option is to place the body in a shroud made of recycled and biodegradable materials.

Floral tributes 

Forget silk flowers, natural locally grown varieties are the way to go if you wish to have flowers. Gaining popularity for families of the deceased is to request memorial donations rather than flowers.



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