How to embellish a grave site

Funeral items and flowers are classically used to decorate a tombstone. Elegant and refined, funeral items present themselves in different forms. Statues, vases or lanterns can be considered.

Funeral items present a nice opportunity to pay tribute to a deceased and show appreciation for this person. This is why it is important to choose decorative objects that best reflect your feelings and the delicate message you want to convey. Think of decorative objects bearing a meaning for you as well as for the person. They should carry a great symbolic weight.

Here are a few ideas worth considering to decorate a tombstone

Floral options for every season

Beautiful flowers are the perfect way to pay tribute to your lost loved one. Near Christmas, you can place a wreath made of evergreens. Or consider placing a pumpkin next to the grave around Halloween. However, be sure to find out what the rules are, often times, the cemetery will expect you to remove the holiday decorations within a certain period.

Think about art

Statues or painted stones are personal and caring objects. You can opt, of course, for a classic statue, such as a white angel figurine. However, no matter your pick, be sure it will be resistant to any kind of weather, rain or shine, it must keep its color and aspect.

Go for durability

Prioritize non-breakable options, avoid fragile glass vases or delicate ceramic figurines. For instance, choose stone over glass and metal over plastic.

Think about the deceased’s religion

For instance, if the deceased was Christian, you may think of leaving a cross to increase the visual aspect of his lot. Whereas, people of Jewish faith often leave small stones to decorate the headstone.

Consider solar lights 

Solar powered lighting is an interesting option to replace or combine to candles. Many companies have created lighting precisely for tombstones, so consider one of those options first. You may also go to your garden center where you will most likely find compelling options.  

Think about what the person loved



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