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Last Wish Booklet

Let us help you organise your end of life celebration, so that it reflects the real you.



Determine how you would like your end of life celebration to be.

Do you want a funeral or just a spiritual moment in a park with friends and family?

You should be the one making these choices. This is your last moment.

Make it a celebration of who you really are.


Some families have had the time to discuss the end of life. But often these discussions have occurred over time, and if there are several family members they may remember these conversations differently. It’s even possible that your thoughts changed over time.

Avoid disagreement on what was said and when, by being clear.


Surely no one wants to do this to their loved ones but the fact remains that many families are confronted with a multitude of decisions when someone has passed away.

Sometimes things have been discussed in advance, but other times family members are left to guess at the right answer.

Give them the gift of peace by stating your preferences now.


Collect very important information all in one place so that your loved ones can more easily start the process of sorting things out.

By providing them with some of the basic things they will need, you will be helping them move from bewilderment to a sense of purpose.

You can keep your Last Wish booklet in a secret and safe place.

Help them focus on saying goodbye.

How does it work?

As simple as one, two, three

1. There are lots of questions

It’s true that there are quite a few questions in our last wish booklet.

But this is to get you to reflect on what you would really like your last moment to be.

Just skip over things that don’t apply.

But give yourself the space to think.

2. You may want to talk to friends or family

Maybe you already know what your last wishes are. But sometimes it makes sense to talk to friends and see what others are doing.

What alternatives exist? Either way, the fact of choosing will take a large burden off your family, and ensure that your wishes are considered.

3.Print a copy

Once you’re satisfied that you have made choices that reflect who you are, just hit print and read through the final document.

Store in a safe place after telling someone where the document is.

Congratulations! You now have given your family a great gift of peace.

More than an online Last Wishes tool!

Writing your last wishes from scratch is a difficult task. So many questions without answers that most people are not sure where to start!

By using our free online Last Wishes tool, not only do you end up with a legally valid document once it’s signed, but our questions will also get you to think about things.

Clarify your intentions.

That’s probably the biggest plus for getting started, right now.


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