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Browse vendors

Get access to the widest array of vendors available so you can choose, organize and plan.

You can look up particular merchants and compare them. Which venue is easiest to get to? Which one has free parking for the guests? You can evaluate spiritual celebrants and compare them.

All in the comfort of your own home, and in a pressure free environment. LIVE ON has done all the legwork.

No need to go anywhere else.

Compare prices

Be smart, compare and decide what suits your family’s budget the best.

You can easily list your favorite choices, compare prices, and make sure you are getting the best value while having the event of your choosing.

LIVE ON has gathered the information for you, so you can make an educated decision.

Calculate the costs

The last thing a family that has lost a loved one needs is a surprise ending with a big bill.

Use LIVE ON’s budget planner to get a complete breakdown of the costs.

What is the total of all the products and the services you have chosen? Is there something you want to remove? Or is there something missing or wa nt to spend more on?

LIVE ON’s budget planner helps a family put the emphasis on those things that matter, without having to compromise.

Get an overview

Planning an end of life celebration or a funeral is often a first time event for many of us. There’s a lot to think of, and so many details to take care of.

LIVE ON offers you its user-friendly checklist, so that nothing is left behind.

Plus, we make sure you receive confirmation for all the products and services you have requested. You can even invite other family members to take on certain tasks via LIVE ON’s collaborative tool.

Come together and create the event you all imagined.

Invite guests

Informing all the right people is important but sometimes a chore. LIVE ON makes it easy.

Use our open guest list tool and send a quick email to invite friends and family if time is tight. You can also choose a private guest list so you can keep track of who should come.

Finally you can reach all concerned by sharing the event on social media via the easy interactive links that LIVE ON offers.

Let us help you by making things easier.

Create a tribute

What not to forget to make a event truly unforgettable!

Music, testimonials, poems, flowers, pictures, signets…

You will find an endless selection of products and services that will help you turn an ordinary goodbye into a moment that has true meaning for you and your family.

More than an online funeral planning tool!

Organizing a funeral is a complex task. You will never really feel prepared for the final goodbye to a loved one.

LIVE ON’s planning tool helps you structure the event by addressing all the elements, in a collaborative environment.

You will have access to all the products and services you need and be able to find those that suit your budget.

Get started now and personalize the end of life event for someone you love.


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